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Aero-engineered to fit the ergonomics of home and commercial living spaces, Aerahaus Fans, communicates a minimalist simplistic design that integrates seamlessly into ceilings without losing its functionality of wind circulation in your space. You read it right. We are taking the tradition out of the equation.



Comprising a fusion of aero kinetics engineering and industrial mechanical design, Aerahaus Fans symbolises the iconic inspiration of aeronautical engineers focused on one specific goal, to provide the world with environmental efficient living solutions with the fundamentals of biomimicry, and precision engineering expertise.



H.A.W.K. Aeratechnik Fans.

Evolving from the success of it predecessor’s bio engineered aerodynamic profile traits, Aerahaus Fans’s latest range of energy efficient ceiling fans breaks traditional barriers by leveraging from adverse wind flow multiplying effects resulting in a strong and consistent breeze.

Akin to how the magnificent hawk conserves its energy and stamina in the sky for long periods, the Aerahaus HAWK ceiling fan’s sleek feather like aerafoil tips multiplies airflow, delaying air flow separation in its wake.

Hence, a strong and consistent wind breeze effect can be harnessed through a range of 7 preset settings that accelerates higher velocity streams from its surroundings cooling your space without breaking a sweat. This creates a strong, consistent wind breeze effect satisfying your senses whenever needed.


Hydro Dynamic

Bio-engineered with vortex feather like aerofoil tips towards the leading edge of its sleek profile, The all new HAWK ceiling fan resonates the concept of hydrodynamics, to generate high velocity air movement within your space. Built with weather resistant composite fibre materials, the flexibility of operating in sheltered outdoor environments has increased as well. Talk about, tough.


Adverse flow

Engineered to increase air velocity, wind volume within a space, the HAWK ceiling fan harnesses adverse cross wind streams during operation at high speeds. Its vortex feather inspired aerofoil edge further delays air flow separation multiplying up to 40% more wind flow than its predecessors creating an efficient distribution of wind flow in your space.


Wind Technik

Built with a weather resistant composite material, the all new HAWK’s unibody profile reduces wind energy dissipation effects by optimising structural stability across its form during operation. Lesser vibrations from interconnected parts further account towards eliminating the “clinks and clanks” of joint assemblies, further reducing the need for additional balancing kits, while ensuring serenity within your space that you deserve.


Kinetic Energy

Equipped with a newly developed sealed aluminium unibody energy efficient DC Direct Drive system, the all new Aerahaus HAWK ceiling fan surpasses traditional efficient ratings by effective conversion of more kinetic energy into wind performance during operation increasing its flexibility with up to 8 preset settings without breaking a sweat. Or your bank.




Inspired from within the traits of advanced aerodynamics, smooth contours running across its sihoulette ensures even wind distribution across six dual direction, preset speed settings while reducing wind turbulence, to ensure serenity within your space.

Prepare to get mind blown by the strong and consistent wind breeze you can experience from AE35. So good that you feel like a flying hawk.




Utilising the concept of Hydro Adverse Wing Kinetics.




Built with energy efficient DC Direct Drive system.




Inspired from the traits of advanced aerodynamic.




Equipped with sleek feather like aerofoil tips.

AE33 Technik Fans.

The AE33’s artistic natural organic form, is aero engineered with a unibody build, form system, equipped with contoured aerafoils, winglets moving across six progressive preset natural wind modes through an energy efficient drive reduction system. Corresponding towards natural cross ventilation capabilities, wind turbulence is reduced, eliminating unnecessary clicks and wind noise, disrupting the serenity of your living space allowing you to live, work better.

– Aerahaus. A lightweight concept borrowed from flight, for flight.




An award winning design integrating the technology of precision engineering and the beauty of an organic design form undermines the creation of the all new AE33 series. Internally aerodynamically shaped contours evokes style and energy signatures, while a commitment to build a sustainable environment is recognised externally in lightweight material choice, Al, and recyclable packaging.



Fundamentally minimising vortexes and wind noise, The AE33’s winglets optimise structural flexibility while promoting the flow of natural cross ventilation patterns during operation across its six speeds of control, regardless of whether in homes, cafes, office spaces, with, or without the use of existing heating and cooling systems.



DC Drive

The AE33 is powered by a unibody energy saving DC direct drive system. Thus, it is able to eliminate unnecessary vibrations, wobblings, by keeping its evenly weighed form in consistent aerodynamic equilibrium. This minimises the ratio of power, torque loss increasing both efficiency and long term reliability without relying on external balancing kits, improving the smooth delivery of a natural wind momentum thus achieving silent efficiency within your living space.




Eviident in the development of organic three dimensional aerafoils, smooth contours running across every millimeter of the AE33 signifies a marque of technology achievement of its’ ability to minimize air resistance while being able to maintain a state of equilibrium across its range of six speeds in both forward and reverse directions reducing energy consumption.

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